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GCC Runtime Directory

GCC 3.4.3 is installed to "/opt/TWWfsw/gcc343" and the GCC runtime shared libraries are duplicated in "/opt/TWWfsw/gcc343r". The runtime "/opt/TWWfsw/gcc343r" directory was created due to the size of the main GCC installation directory, "/opt/TWWfsw/gcc343". This allows us to depend on the runtime directory for packages compiled with GCC and dependent on its runtime libraries.

Because some GCC-compiled applications might depend on the GCC runtime shared libraries, GCC has been modified on HP-UX, IRIX, Redhat Linux, and Solaris to include a runtime dependency for all programs and libraries created by GCC. This is done by modifying the GCC specs file, "/opt/TWWfsw/gcc343/lib/gcc/systype/3.4.3/specs". This is not done on other platforms because the command-line argument to ld(1) to embed a runtime path is not additive.

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