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Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing our "Open Source Collection". The navigation links on the right contain detailed instructions on the following:

  • Installing our cross-platform package installation tool, pkgutils. When installing directly against our remote repository or when mirroring our remote repository and installing against the local mirror, the pkgutils installation tool must be installed.

  • Mirroring our repository.

  • Installing directly against our remote repository.

The downloads link in the main navigation bar allows you to download invidivual packages, security fixes, errata, and updated versions to packages shipped with a release. While the packages are displayed for all customers, only those who have purchased the "Media/Updates" product are entitled to download security fixes and updated packages.

The account link in the main navigation bar allows you to modify your shipping address, password, and preferences. We strongly recommend changing your initial password. We also recommend updating the notification email preference with a list of email address to receive notifications of errata, security fixes, and package updates. If you have several email addresses to add to this list, please create an internal mailing list and specify the mailing list address in the notification emails preference.

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Getting Started
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Getting Started
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