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Getting Started

All packages are available on this site for download. Packages are available in either pkg-inst format for installation with our pkgutils suite (recommended) or in the format used for installation by the native package management tools (e.g. pkgadd, rpm, setld, swinstall). Packages downloaded in the native format are delivered as zip archives. This is done because the package might contain multiple subpackages or if the package has dependencies. Packages downloaded in pkg-inst format are delivered as a single package.pkg-inst file or as a zip archive if the package has dependencies.

Selecting which format to download the packages in is a configurable preference. If a package has dependencies they are automatically downloaded unless specified otherwise in your preference settings.

Installing packages downloaded in pkg-inst format is done as follows:
  # pkg-inst package.pkg-inst [package.pkg-inst ...]

Installing packages downloaded in the native package format is done as follows:
    # installp -acqQ -d instance.bff instance
    # swinstall -s instance.depot instance
    # inst -a -V exitop_limit:300000 -V overprint:off \
    -V show_files:on -f . -I instance
  (Redhat Linux)
    # rpm -Uv instance.rpm instance.rpm ...
    # pkgadd -d . instance
    # pkgadd -d . instance
    # pkgadd -d . ...
  (Tru64 UNIX)
    # setld -l instance

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