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Installing pkgutils

The "Installation instructions" heading on the right details the installation of the pkgutils package. Once installation is complete, the pkgutils software will have been installed to "/opt/TWWfsw/pkgutils16" with links to the binaries in /opt/TWWfsw/bin and links to the man pages in /opt/TWWfsw/man.

The pkgutils suite contains tools to assist in configuring, installing, managing, and upgrading an installation. The following utilities are provided:
chk-pkg-updates Check for new releases relative to what is installed.
pkg-config Install and remove links to common bin, info, and man directories after installation of a package. Similar to the HP-UX "swconfig" command.
pkg-info List installed packages, packages from a repository, package information, and what packages have common links associated with them.
pkg-inst Installs and upgrades packages available in a local or remote repository. pkg-inst is the preferred method of installing packages, regardless of the package management system being used.
pkg-rm Removes packages installed with the pkg-inst tool, regardless of the package management system being used.

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