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Getting Started
Remote Installation

The pkgutils software package is required to install packages from our remote repository. Please install it before continuing with the instructions below.

If you are behind a firewall (aka proxy server), the following arguments might be needed for the commands below to set the host and port to the proxy server, your login id on the proxy server, and your password on the proxy server:

To list the packages available for the platform on which pkgutils is run, execute the following command, where "login" is your login id and "password" is your password, both provided with your initial order:
  # /opt/TWWfsw/bin/pkg-info \
  --depot='' \
  --login='login' --password='password' --dist-ver=latest \

Package installation can then be performed with the following command, where "package" is one of the packages from the list returned by the above command:
  # /opt/TWWfsw/bin/pkg-inst \
  --depot='' \
  --login='login' --password='password' --dist-ver=latest \
  package [package ...]

The pkg-inst program will automatically install any dependencies required by the packages selected. In addition, when displaying a list of available packages in a repository with "pkg-info ... --list-package-names=name-ver", the package name, version number, and package revision are displayed. The version number and package revision do not need to be specified. If they are, it guarantees the installation of the package with the specified version number and revision. If the version number is not specified, pkg-inst will install the most recent version of the package given. Similarly, if the package revision is not specified, pkg-inst will install the most recent revision of the package with the version given. We recommend using only the package name.

By default, pkg-inst will create a temporary directory in "/tmp" to store downloaded packages. After installation is complete, the temporary directory in "/tmp" is removed. To use a permanent directory to save time on reinstalls, specify the "--local-depot" option as follows:
  # mkdir directory
  # /opt/TWWfsw/bin/pkg-inst \
  --depot='' \
  --login='login' --password='password' --dist-ver=latest \
  --local-depot='directory' package [package ...]

To view informational notes about a package (usage, installation instructions, build notes, etc.) or the changelog of package revisions, invoke the pkg-info command as follows:
  # pkg-info --print=notes --print=changelog package [package ...]

If the "--depot" option is given to pkg-info, it will query the repository specified as the argument to "--depot" rather than the local installation:
  # pkg-info --depot='' \
  --login='login' --password='password' --dist-ver=latest \
  --print=notes --print=changelog openssh

To remove a package, invoke the pkg-rm command as follows:
  # pkg-rm package [package ...]

Additional documentation on the use of the pkgutils suite is available.

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