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Installing RPM

RPM packages are available for all supported platforms. Packages for Redhat Linux are available only as RPM packages. For our other supported platforms, packages are available in either RPM format or the native package manager format (lpp on AIX, depot on HP-UX, inst on IRIX, pkgadd on Solaris, setld on Tru64 UNIX). If installing RPM packages on a non-Redhat Linux platform, our RPM package must be installed first. The RPM package provides a copy of rpm-4.2 for the non-Redhat Linux platform.

The "Installation instructions" heading on the right details the installation and configuration of the RPM package. The "Install from CD" link contains instructions on installing the software from our distribution CDs.

While the installation of the RPM package is not required on Redhat Linux, configuration might be. The default path to the RPM database for our RPM packages is "/var/opt/TWWfsw/rpm42/db". For Redhat Linux systems, the path is "/var/lib/rpm". RPM packages can be installed using the default RPM configuration. However, we recommend using a separate database directory for installation of our packages, "/opt/TWWfsw/.rpmdb".

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