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Getting Started
Installing RPM

To install the RPM package, download the rpm-4.2.pkgadd.tar package file and install as follows (assumes the file was downloaded to the /tmp/rpm directory):
  $ /bin/su
  # cd /tmp/rpm
  # tar xf rpm-4.2.pkgadd.tar
  # pkgadd -d . TWWrpm42c TWWrpm42m TWWrpm42u

Once the RPM package has been installed, the database must be initialized. Either the default RPM database or a custom RPM database can be used. To initialize the database (where "/opt/TWWfsw/.rpmdb" might be the custom database path):
  $ /bin/su
  # [mkdir /opt/TWWfsw/.rpmdb]
  # /opt/TWWfsw/bin/rpm [--dbpath /opt/TWWfsw/.rpmdb] --initdb

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