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The navigation links on the right contain access to resources to help with information about the packages in our distribution and help installating our packages.

The Release Notes link contains access to the release notes for the current release and releases dating back one year.

The Getting Started link contains information for those installing our packages for the first time.

The Package Utilities Suite link contains documentation on each tool in our pkgutils program. The pkgutils program contains a suite of cross-platform tools to manage our packages. While packages are provided in the native package vendor format, we recommend using the pkgutils suite as it provides additional information on our packages not available from the native package tools.

The Mirroring Repository link contains information on mirroring our repository. While it is possible to download packages one-by-one or install directly against our repository, we recommend downloading all packages in the repository and installing against the locally downloaded copy.

The GPG Public Key link contains our GPG key, used to sign all .pkg-inst and RPM packages.

Release Notes
Getting Started
Package Utilities Suite
Package Internals
Mirroring Repository
GPG Public Key